Never Knowing

9781250009319Before the holidays, someone very close to me handed me this book to read. She handed it to me with such care that I knew it was a book he thoroughly enjoyed. With much excitement, I brought it home and dove in.

Never Knowing by Chevy Stevens is a psychological thriller about a woman desperate to know her past.

Sara Gallagher is a young woman and mother who was adopted as a baby. Since she was old enough to understand the concept of adoption, she has wondered about her birth parents. Where they were, what they looked like and why they put her up for adoption.

Growing up with an ill mother and a stern father, Sara has always imagined her life with her birth parents as a more glamorous one than she actually had living with her adoptive parents.

When she was finally able to find her birth mother, Sara uncovered a horrifying truth; her mother was victim of rape by a serial killer. This devastating news is soon overshadowed by an even more horrifying notion: would her father ever find her?

After discovering this horrifying information, Sara soon starts to wonder; what traits has she inherited from her father? Could it be that her anger and feeling of lack of control be the result of genes passed down from a serial killer?

This isn’t the type of book I normally read, though it should. After the first few chapters, things started to really pick up and I’ve been reading on the edge of my seat. With the turn of every page I was wondering what would happen next.

While many times, I found myself thinking what had just happened was unbelievable, finding out your father is a serial killer isn’t that much of a far-fetched concept.

Stevens is a very talented writer and I love how real the character feels. No one in her story is portrayed as perfect which actually makes the story so much better since Sara not only has to deal with the fact that her father is a murderer but also with her natural environment and everyone around her. Even her fiancé, though not by malice, worsens the situation at times.

The only criticism I need to mention is I feel the book is a bit too long. Though it’s only 452 pages, and much shorter than many other books, in my opinion, there is a good amount of repetition present. I believe it may be to build suspense but think it would have been accomplished even if the book would have been 100 pages shorter.

After reading Never Knowing, I immediately went on Goodreads to see what else Chevy Stevens has published and turns out I have quite a bit of reading to look forward to from her. Most of her books seem to be in the same genre too.

For everyone who enjoys a good thriller, I encourage you to pick up Never Knowing.


 “I didn’t know what to do with this new reality, the horror of my conception. I wanted to bury it in the backyard, far away from anyone’s eyes. My skin crawled with knowledge, with the evil that I’d looked into, that had created me. I took long showers. Nothing helped. The dirt was on the inside. (31)”
― Chevy Stevens, Never Knowing