Hugs and Misses






Here’s something a bit different. It’s not a book… well, not really.

Hugs and Misses is an ensemble of 30 hilarious postcards about romance that was kindly sent to me by Quirk Books.hugs-4

Wilhelm Staehle is a master in combining humour and beautiful design. His postcard designs sends a classy vibe while his quirky messages are quite the opposite. The combination is perfect.

These postcards are great to send to friends even though I don’t have the heart to rip them out of the beautiful packaging it comes in. Instead, it will probably be proudly displayed in a special place on my bookshelf or even on my coffee table for everyone to see.

Quirk Books have also published Stars and Swipes by Staehle which are the same type of postcards but with America as theme. It also looks pretty awesome.

Thought the humour of these cards may not be for everyone, it certainly gave my many laughs.  The lines one these cards are witty and fun and sometimes even make you shake your head and wonder how people come up with ideas like these. No matter what your type is, I suggest you to at least take a look at Staehle’s website, and see his remarkable work for yourself.