The Little Book of Big PR


I have many projects on the go. Like many people, I have an outrageous amount of ideas and thoughts running through my head. However, I don’t possess the knowledge to successfully execute these ideas. One area I know I need to improve is public relations which is why I’m glad to have taken the time to read The Little Book of Big PR by Jennefer Witter.

My specialization is web development, that’s my field of study. However, I don’t believe it should stop me from trying other things. That said, I also can’t do everything i’m set out to do without a little research.

Though I know nothing about PR other than the fact that it’s crucial in a business, I can say with confidence that this book has a little something for everyone. As a total PR “newbie” I have appreciated every point in the guide.

Its point form structure mixed in with a few case studies made for a great read. Jennefer makes sure not to dwell on a point. She is concise and very clear in her explanations.

In my opinion, most of what has to do with PR and marketing is very common sense. If you have a good gut, it will lead you to the right choice. However, Jennefer makes many interesting point I would never have realised without reading her book and I’m actually more inclined in learning more on the subject as I feel as it’s not as simple as I thought it was.

Entrepreneurs, students, public relations specialists, if you want to learn more about the PR world, I suggest you try reading this book. Everyone needs a bit of PR in their life.