The Brilliant History of Color in Art

downloadArt, in all shape or form, is a big part of my everyday life. All day I listen to music and doodle on my sketchpad. In my spare time ( when I’m not reading) I’m most likely drawing, or fooling around with my guitar. I’ve even been lucky enough to try out a few painting classes. I can’t imagine living without having some sort of art form surrounding me which is probably why I was so drawn to The Brilliant History of Color in Art by Victoria Finlay.

Though I knew this was going to be a great book, when I received it, I had the impression that it would be one that would take me a while to read. I read it in one sitting.

Victoria has a wonderful way of creating an enjoyable flow. You don’t feel as though information is just thrown at you like in many other books. The whole book in written as small stories with a color as its theme which makes it easier to capture the immense amount of information it contains.

As much as I love the writing, I find what brings this book together are the images scattered throughout it. They’re breath-taking images of paintings that contain the particular color mentioned in the section. Unfortunately, I have an e-book version that I read on my phone which decreased the quality of these works of art.

I’m sure some people aren’t interested in how the colors we paint with were made, however the stories behind these colors are fascinating and would appeal to not only the art lover but also the history buff.  From lead white, to aquamarine, to sepia, each color has a background that may astonish you. Every color has a different process, different ingredients, some are even used at a risk.

The Brilliant History of Color in Art is a beautiful book that I will most likely purchase in physical copy. It’s a great book to add to any library or on your coffee table. I’m delighted to have has the chance to read it and I encourage all artists, art lovers, historians, and everyone else to grab a copy and read about your favorite color.