Beyond-A-Ghost-Story-by-Graham-McNameeIn light of my favourite time of the year, as well as my favourite holiday, Halloween if you hadn’t already guessed, I decided to tackle a few “horror” books because I am a horror junkie. Beyond by Graham McNamee labels itself as a ghost story; it says so on the book cover, which I think is a big risk by setting me up with expectations but I went along with it.

We are introduced to Jane, a bushy haired seventeen-year-old girl who’s had more than her share of close encounters with death and who’s shadow is her worst enemy. Jane, along with her best friend Lexi, make it their mission to get to the bottom of what triggers her evil shadow to act on impulse and attempt to kill her. Her latest death scare, shooting herself in the head with a nail gun, has left her no choice but to face her shadow and take back her freedom to live.

On to more technical stuff, this is definitely an easy read and there’s not much to the vocabulary. Although, there were a few occasions where words appeared to be missing in sentences, which is not a big deal but it does affect the experience. I also noticed word contractions were being used for no good reason; no educated person talks like that, not even a teenager in a remote location in British Columbia. Unless it was to give the reader an idea of the local lingo, which I highly doubt, it just ended up taking away some of the quality of the book.

I found this book in the bargain section for 5$ and I definitely got my money’s worth. Aside from the occasional hitch in the writing, this was a total page-turner for me. If I’m being totally honest, which I always am, this book gave me goose bumps on at least two different occasions and I do not scare easily. If you enjoy a good ghost story, I’d definitely give this book a try, especially with Halloween coming up!


..I could only watch as my left hand joined its shadow on the handle, lifting the gun to my head. The cool muzzle pressed against my skull, just behind my ear. My finger found the trigger. There was a loud pop when it fired.          – Graham McNamee, Beyond.