Horrorstor_final_300dpiAs a big fan of Ikea products, I’m sure you can surely imagine my excitement when I saw the release of this book. I was elated when Quirkbooks agreed to send me a copy for review.

I love Quirkbooks. They always have the most imaginative, beautiful books, and HORRORSTOR by Grady Hendrix is no exception. The design is perfect, having the look and feel of an Ikea catalog mixed with the assembly instruction pamphlets, and a few extra elements throughout the story that adds a little something special.

Not only is this book beautiful, it was also a good read. Though it’s relatively short, I didn’t find the story lacked in detail. In fact, it was pretty well written.

Grady Hendrix starts off his novel by putting us in situation rather quickly, informing us that something bizarre is going on in the Ikea knockoff store in the first few pages. When a team of workers decide to work an overnight shift to get to the bottom of the multiple weird incidences that occured, I knew things were going to get creepy… and it did.

Just the fact of being stuck in a deserted store at night would give me the chills, even more so with supernatural beings making themselves at home in it. Hendrix really did a wonderful job at creating a creepy feel.

Though I’m not keen on stories involving supernatural elements, I did enjoy HORRORSTOR. The creative design, great mix of characters and interesting plot make for an enjoyable experience and I would recommend anyone looking to get the hibbie jibbies to give this HORROSTOR a read.

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