Dangerous Creatures

Dangerous Creatures 2I am a little bit embarrassed to admit that I did not see this book coming. I read all of the Beautiful Creatures series. The way it ended felt pretty finite but Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl pulled a trick on me. I was utterly unaware that they were releasing another book in the series. Needless to say, I was both shocked and excited.

Garcia and Stohl’s Dangerous Creatures is a spin off series that follows Ridley Duchannes, Lena Duchannes’ cousin, and her on again off again boyfriend, Link, who happens to be Ethan Wate’s best friend. Now if you haven’t read the four books + 2 ebooks prior to this, I would recommend doing so for obvious reasons. Even though I want to talk about this book in detail, I’ll refrain from mentioning major plot twists from the series.

This was a great surprise and I was ecstatic to start reading it as soon as possible. I do this thing where I tend obsess over secondary or supporting characters in a book or a series. Ridley happened to be my favourite in the series, so you can imagine my excitement.

In this book, we get Ridley’s view on things. If you’ve read the books prior to this one, it isn’t an easy feat. As a both a Dark caster and a Siren, it was very interesting to see her train of thought and what she hides underneath that bad girl façade that she always bluntly displays to the world. We get a glimpse into her inner battles. We get underneath her skin as the Beautiful Creatures series continues with issues that I thought were resolved but let’s be honest, the ending was a little bit glossed over.

This was a really great book, I am biased because they are my favourite people in the series but I am sure any Beautiful Creatures fan would find appreciation with it nevertheless. A book like this can go both ways. Some fans can be sad to see a series end while others are relieved by it. I am the former. I love series and I never want them to end.

This book definitely revived the series for me and I don’t want to give anything away but I will say this, I believe we will be seeing more of Ridley and Link in the future. Which I think is great.


“When it came to relationships, the truth never set anyone free. The truth only set things on fire.”

– Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl, Dangerous Creatures.