What Came First

11684995-what-came-first-by-carol-snowAfter my fun and … interesting read of Bad Taste In Boys, my craving for a contemporary/chick lit was still in full effect (since the last book I read was far from contemporary).  So I decided to grab What Came First by Carol Snow. Because I don’t seem to learn to never choose a book based on the cover, I deduced that this book was what I wanted. The chick hanging out in baby socks kind of screamed chick lit, I thought. And this time, I was right.

What Came First by Carol Snow is an adult fiction that includes everything from engagements to kids to insane jealous girlfriends. It’s a very entertaining read that had me simultaneously wanting and dreading to have children. Seriously, this book played with my head.

The story follows three women. Vanessa, who is 29 and whose only wish is to receive an engagement ring from her longtime boyfriend, Eric so they can get married, settle down and start a family. Eric, on the other hand doesn’t think that’s the kind of life he wants to have.

Wendy and her husband, Darren have two children; twins who were conceived with the help of a sperm donor since they couldn’t have children the old fashion way. However, Wendy never imagined herself having two out of control kids while her husband does nothing more than play computer games all day.

Then there’s Laura, a career-driven woman who desperately wanted a child and knew she could have one with or without the help of a man. Her son, Ian was also born thanks to the help of a sperm donor. She’ll do anything for Ian, give him anything he wants. What he wants is a sibling.

Having no children, I didn’t feel I was able to identify with these women. Though I could try to imagine what my reaction would be in their position, I know it’s easier said than done. But even though I haven’t lived anything remotely close to their situation, I still enjoyed the book and seeing the comparison between the three women and their thought process.

I would consider this a great summer read. It’s light and very easy to read. It’ll make you giggle, frown and even think a little. It might also leave you wanting pet chickens.


Angie’s kids get pizza rolls, french fries, and some orange drink that supposedly contains vitamin C and calcium. Angie says “If you deprive kids, they’ll end up craving stuff.” Which makes her sound better than “I’m too lazy to cook real food.” – What Came First, Carol Snow