Tic Tac Tome

20140520_131233This morning I opened the door and found this little package on my front step from Quirk Books. This is such and unusual little book that is actually quite addicting.

The way to use Tic Tac Tome by Willy Yonkers is actually very simple. You play tic tac toe against this little book by turning the pages. Let me warn you though, chances are you won’t win. There’s only one way to beat it so be sure to ponder every move.

This is the perfect thing to bring on a trip. Small and compact, it can fit nearly anywhere and will entertain you for hours on end (as I said, it IS addicting).

Before starting your game, be sure to read the introduction as well as the FAQs which are hilarious.

Will you be the victor? Or will you let a mere book make a fool of you?