7937843I loved this book. I’d even dare to say it’s my favourite so far this year.

The story follows Jack, a five year-old boy who shares his remarkable story with us. In Jack’s mind, everything that exists in the world is contained in one small room, the rest, as he puts it, is TV.

From the day he was born, Jack has never stepped out of his tiny room. He has never felt grass, seen the ocean , or even met another person other than his mother, and Old Nick, his captor. The whole thought of another world outside this room is inconceivable for young Jack. Even when his mother tells him stories of her childhood, he has a hard time believing all of it.

Emma Donoghue thought of things I wouldn’t even have considered. The effect the time spent imprisoned had on both characters were well researched and thought out. Things as simple as Jack seeing all objects in the room as almost his friends. The table wasn’t just a table it was Table with a capital T. It, or should I say, “she” had a name. I thought it was just brilliant.

Donoghue’s writing style in this novel is another element that makes it so unique. We experience the story through Jack’s eyes thus the novel is written as a five year old would think or talk. Though the writing style was a bit off-putting for me at first, as I got deeper in the story, I realized that it brought me so much closer to Jack. I think when reading Room we often need a reminder that Jack is only a small boy and the writing style does an amazing job at doing just that.

I won’t go on about the story as to not ruin it for anyone. I believe it’s one of those books that is so much better when going in almost blind. Let me just tell you that it is seriously
the best book I have read so far this year and I recommend it to everyone.

I was on edge most of the book wondering what would happen next, how everything would unfold. I felt so many emotions and couldn’t help but laugh when Jack tried to explain things as best he could in his adorable, innocent way. I honestly think it’s a book anyone can enjoy.

Room is truly a masterpiece! Toronto Star had it right when they called it “Both gripping and poignant”.


“Scared is what you’re feeling. Brave is what you’re doing.” 
― Emma DonoghueRoom