Why I Love Booktube

booktubeMany booktubers are posting videos telling viewers what they love about their experience as a booktuber. They make great points and show us what we might already know – Booktube is not just about the books.

For those of you wondering what this Booktube thing is, I can only describe it as a community of amazingly awesome people who share the interest of reading. This, in turn, gives us a plethora of great and interesting videos mostly orbiting around the subject of books. Whether it’s a book review, a MASSIVE haul,  or even a random youtube tag, you are sure to be entranced by their enthusiasm for beautiful covers and their fun personalities.

After watching Sarah Churchill’s rendition of this video, I thought it might be fun to give my own opinion on why I, as a viewer, love Booktube.

#1. I’ll start with the most obvious of points – BOOKS. I love to read! (I’m guessing this isn’t news to anyone) I’m always trying to find the newest, best book. However, finding a great book has always been so hard for me. Scouring though Amazon or Goodread reviews to find a book that might interest me is no more. Every month or so I have new book hauls videos to watch.

Aside from the recommendations, booktube has also helped me expand my horizons when it comes to reading material. I have always stuck to mostly historical novels (after my Nicholas Sparks phase) and have never really branched out to anything else. No paranormal, no fantasy, no contemporary… That all changed with Booktube. I was suddenly exposed to so many genres and wonderful stories. I am now proud to say that my book collection is actually starting to have a bit of diversity.

#2 – COMMUNITY Though I am not a booktuber, I still feel somewhat a part of this lovely community. As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t know many people who share the love of books as I do. This might be a reason why I appreciate the Booktube community so much. Everyone, booktuber or viewer, are so great! After watching a few videos, I’ve started to stalk a few of these people on Goodreads, Twitter or Facebook and had a few opportunities to interact with them. The feeling of being a part of something like this, even as a viewer, is amazing!

#3 – EVENTS! Giveaways, new releases, read-a-longs, read-a-thons, expos, and the list goes on. Booktube is the place to get news about these kind of events. I have found myself participating in many of these. Whether it was the The Archived read-a-long, the We Want Control read-a-long to the multiple giveaways offered, I love that these events are available for anyone who are interested. By the way, did you know there’s such a thing as Bookcon! *gasp*

#4 – EXAMPLE  Youtube has always been something that grabbed my interest. I debate constantly on publishing videos but keep wondering if I have what it takes. Booktube is a great example that with a bit of work, everyone can create content-rich videos. Most booktubers seem real. They seem very true to themselves and their personalities vary so much. Whether you’re a quirky booklion like Christine, super enthusiastic like Ariel or calm and collected like Sarah there’s a place for you on Booktube. This makes me want to grab a camera and start filming even more.

#5 – ENTERTAINMENT Ok, when my friend first shared a booktuber’s video with me I though: “So…these people talk about books? That’s it?”As much as I was curious about the whole thing, I also was a bit sceptical about it –  I mean, after 2-3 videos, it gets old, right? NOPE! I quickly got hooked and not just for the bookish information. Now I need my daily dose of Booktube. The booktubers have such different personalities and none of their videos are the same.  The more I watch these videos, the more I start to feel as though I almost know these people and I want to know more about them.

I want to thank you, booktubers,  for taking time to put together videos full of amazing information, quirkiness and awesomeness. Because of you, my passion for book grew. I now read so much more. I have expanded my horizons and read books I would never have touched before and LOVED them! Also, you have inspired me to start a blog (and maybe, eventually, gather my courage and get on Youtube).

These are only 5 of the MANY reasons why I encourage everyone to participate in the Booktube community. It’s really a great place to share opinions and information.

– Athena