Marley & Me

0 (1)If I were to write a book about my life, it would probably resemble Marley & Me by John Grogan.

Like John and Jenny, after buying our first house, my darling partner and I also decided to adopt a cute little puppy. She was so cute with patches around her eyes, a chunky little body, and massive paws. We instantly fell for her and brought her home. Lexi was now a part of our tiny family.

Like Marley, as Lexi grew bigger, stronger, heavier, her actions also went from adorable to obnoxious. The way she jumped on us as we came home from work  started as a cute welcome gesture but is now a nuisance. The way she pulled on the leash to greet any passing stranger was once endearing but now, because of her size, actually scares most people.

Lexi as a puppy

Lexi as a puppy

With that said, Lexi is a big part of our family and like Marley she is here to stay. She may have excess energy, an appetite of a bear, and an obsession with the garbage bags and socks but she’s my delinquent dog and I love her and her ways.

Marley & Me was a lovely read. I enjoyed it so much and I think the fact that I saw my dog in everything Marley did made the experience even better. It’s a heart-warming story that made me laugh, think as well as bring a tear to my eye. I was so happy to see that through thick and thin, like a family, John and Jenny didn’t give up on their troublesome dog.

Marley’s attitude through the whole book is a great example of how dogs live their lives. With excitement and enthusiasm while being forever loyal to their best friend and I find that beautiful.


He would never be Lassie or Benji or Old Yeller; he would never reach Westminster or even the county fair. We knew that now. We accepted him for the dog he was, and loved him all the more for it. – John Grogan