John Dies at the End


A few years ago, I stumbled upon John Dies at the End by David Wong. Although his name is not really David Wong but something else entirely. Ghostwriter. Normal enough right?

John Dies at the End is just one those books. It leaves you with mixed feelings. GOOD mixed feelings, in my opinion. It is, by far, the weirdest book I have ever read. It is filled with nonsense and pure ridiculousness and just when you think things cannot possibly get more f**ked up; guess what? THEY DO. That is the beauty of this book.

The main character is David Wong, just like the author (what?). And then you have John…Oh John. They end up taking “soy sauce” which is a special drug that looks like actual soy sauce (hence the name) and it makes you see things (ouh). Things that normal people can’t; things that should never have been put into existence. They are known to deal with poltergeist-like entities. They are quite relatable characters, given the circumstances.

David’s world is turned upside down as they embark on one of the weirdest journeys EVER. So weird, that you sometimes cannot even wrap your head around it. It is a good feeling, trust me. It is filled with humour and dark themes, which is an awesome combo if you ask me.

I went in, not expecting anything from it and came out a changed person.


Okay, not really, but kind of. They also made a movie out of this book, which if I were you, would stay as far away from as physically possible.

Is the title misleading? Maybe, maybe not. All I can say is that it contains Jennifer Lopez, Morgan Freeman and Creedence Clearwater Revival. Everything about this book does not make sense, which is why I recommend it. Have fun with it. Seriously.


“The side effects don’t last that long. The effects will last the rest of my life, I think.”– David Wong (John Dies at the End)

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