Under The Dome (partial review)


My obsession with this book started in January when I started watching the first season of the tv series. I would watch 3-4 episodes back to back. When I saw that it was based on a novel written by Stephen King I wanted NEEDED to have it. And thus my search began. I found a decent priced copy on Amazon (after scouring every used book store for the novel) and immediately opened it.

So far ( I am at page 617 at the moment), I am pleased with where the story is taking me.

What I love about a novel is how much it plays with my emotions. If you can make me go through an array of emotions in just a few chapters, you have won me over. This is one of those novels.

I despise James Renni (Big Jim). I’ve caught myself cursing to him out loud (and yes I’ve been caught doing so). James and his son, Junior combined… ahhhh!!! I can’t contain the anger and frustration I feel when reading about them.

Speaking about frustration, another person who frustrates me is Linda. The amount of dramatic irony that is present when Linda is involved is ridiculous. She seems to know nothing and I just feel like slapping her across the head and tell her to open her eyes!

Before I spoil anything, I’ll think I should go back to reading (and plotting the murder of Big Jim).

I’ll be back for the final review of this book.


“If you don’t control your temper, your temper will control you.”
— Stephen King (Under the Dome)